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14 July 2006 @ 12:01 pm
Latest post on Patrick's myspazz - the new album is finished!

we've only just begun....

to all my virtual friends from
the isle of white to mexico city...

Yesterday night around seven pm..
a very exciting thing happened..
I completed my third album, The Magic Position!
Its been quite an exhausting process to tell the
truth.. my ambition was to create a fourty minute
wonderland that can lift the listener out of
all their problems and correct their sadness
like a magic spell..

Well, of course you will all be the judge
of whether my little mission has been completed
but all I can say is after mastering yesterday
(the third mastering session that has taken place
for this album!) I walked away with a bigger smile
and dance in my heart than I have done with the
last two albums, My perfectionist producer
streak has almost been the death of me with this
album but still on completion.. I ran screaming down the streets
of Shepherds Bush straight into the nearest bar
with my best friend and proceeded to drink snakebite
and dance on the sofas, I think I ended up in a death metal
bar in soho but I can't remember how I got home. But
I am.

Life is fantastic today, The sun shines in on south london,
the birds are singing and I am too, I hope you all have
a bit of patience for waiting to hear and hopefully enjoy the monster
I just made, I know it will be a good few months before release
But one thing finishes and another starts...
Yes, now comes that part of this rollercoaster that deals
with my public behaviour. The shows.. the videos..
the singles.. the questions and answers...Its going
to be a long year or so ahead but I am preparing.

I now leave you only with love, I must sleep again
I am tired, emotional and full of terrorism..
and it feels fantastic...

Now now, brown cow, let me put you in the
boom boom... magic position!

xx tooth and nail x patrick

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