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In that wild stretch of land

In that fire to be free

The Towans
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This is a moderated membership community for fans of Patrick Wolf. What this means is your request to join has to be approved by one of the moderators before you can post in the community. By setting up membership in this way we hope to avoid too many off-topic posts. If you wish to join with a journal neither of the mods, ipomoea or tweeasfuck, is acquainted with at least on a passing basis, please contact one of them to either let them know if you have a journal they do know or who referred you here.

What this place Is:
+ A place for posting articles, interviews, photos, etc. about Patrick Wolf. Please keep off-topic posts out of here.
+ A place for posting or requesting rarities. Demos, radio sessions and live sessions are rarities. Album tracks are not rarities.

What this place Is Not:
+ A place for spazzing. At all. Unless you are a 12-year-old, please don't act like one here.
+ A place for camwhoring. Unless Patrick Wolf is in the photo with you, this is not the place to post it.
+ A place for inappropriate discussion or speculation about Patrick's private life. If you feel you must, please keep it in your own journal and out of here.
+ A place for posting anything readily available on Patrick's albums. Buy them instead and support the artist.

Please be considerate and use <lj-cut> when posting large photos or long text blocks!